Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre (CFWI IC)

Niagara College

The Canadian Food & Wine Institute (CFWI) Innovation Centre offers recipe and new product development; food and beverage safety and regulatory assistance; laboratory services; sensory analysis and consumer testing; and nutritional labelling services. Our resources include a microbiology lab; chemistry lab; food quality lab; a shelf-life lab; brewery; winery; and commercial kitchens.

Food product development

Areas of Innovation Expertise

  • Recipe and New Product Development
  • Food and Beverage Safety and Regulatory Assistance
  • Laboratory Services (microbiology, chemistry, food quality and shelf-life testing)
  • Sensory Analysis and Consumer Testing
  • Nutritional Labelling Services


Point of Contact:

Lyndon Ashton

Centre Manager

Phone: (905) 641-2252 x 4273



Mailing address:

Canadian Food & Wine Institute Innovation Centre (CFWI IC)
Niagara College
135 Taylor Road, S. S. #4
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON


Technical and Business Services

Assistance with building products approvals and commercialization

Business development & market research services

Business Mentorship referrals

Competitive market analysis

Concept ideation & design review

Consumer focus groups

Food and beverage safety and regulatory assistance

Laboratory services (microbiology, chemistry, food quality and shelf-life testing)

Proof of concept

Recipe and new product development

Regulatory guidance

Retail product label & packaging review

Scientific and technological monitoring

Scientific report writing

Technology evaluation / validation

Commercialization referrals

Competitive assessments

Digital media & web solutions

Facilitation service (introduction)

Field trials/simulation

Ingredient selection and recommendations

Literature reviews

Market analysis

Nutritional labelling services

Problem solving

Product testing

Project management

Sample analysis & testing

Sensory analysis and consumer testing

Testing Services


Applied Research and Development

Concept validation

Design of Experiment

Human Factors Studies

Laboratory/pilot scale prototyping

Product re-design & improvement

Product design & development


Regulatory guidance

Report preparation on R&D results

Sensory research facilities



Corporate on-site & in-house training

Design, development, and delivery of customized training

Interactive workshop Sessions

Needs assessment and gap analysis

Skills assessment/Competency evaluation

Connections to co-op placement opportunities

Curriculum development

Qualitative & quantitative research

Train the trainer

Training planning


Technology Diffusion

Networking events

Open houses – testing facility & personnel

Presentation of results at conferences

Publishing in Peer Reviewed Literature

Seminars and Workshops

Evening speaker series

Field site product demonstration

Industry-specific events & symposia

Participation at trade shows & other venues with or on behalf of partners


Inventory of Specialized Equipment

  • Microbiology Lab:
    • Biosafety Cabinet; CO2-Incubator; Cryo-centrifuge; Spiral Plater; Colony Counter; Kinetic Microplate Reader; Real-time PCR; Electrophoresis;
  • Chemistry Lab:
    • U-HPLC; UV-VIS Spectrophotometer; Gas Chromatograph; Automated Titrator; Ultrasonic Bath
  • Food Quality Lab:
    • FTIR Wine Analyzer; Beer Analyzer; DO Meter; Non-destructive CO2 Laser Detector; Density Meter; Texture Analyzer; Colorimeter; Water Activity Meter; Rheometer; Moisture Analyzer; Viscosity Meter; Refractometer
  • Shelf-life Lab:
    • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Unit; Bulk Tray Dryer; Walk-in Refrigerator/ Freezer; Freeze-drying Unit; Humidity Chambers; Thermal Validation Equipment
  • Niagara College Teaching Brewery:
    • Small-scale functional brewery and 3/4 Acre Research Hops Yard
  • Niagara College Teaching Winery:
    • Small-scale commercial winery; 40 Acre vineyard for production and research
  • Niagara College Culinary Labs:
    • Full-scale commercial kitchen