SAIT Green Building Technologies

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Green Building Technologies researchers work with industry partners and students through SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services department and through support of the NSERC Technology Access Centre grant. The objective is to help small-to-medium-sized enterprises to develop new technologies and processes, enhancing the commercialization of green technologies in Canada.

Construction Technology

Areas of Innovation Expertise

  • Net-Zero Energy and Energy-Positive Design
  • Building-Integrated Renewable Energy
  • Architectural Ecology
  • Energy Management and Monitoring
  • Materials and Advanced Component Assembly
  • Education and Industry Transformation


Point of Contact:

David Silburn

General Manager/ Research Associate

Phone: (403) 284-7058



Mailing address:

Green Building Technologies research initiative
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
1301 – 16 Ave. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2M 0L4


Technical and Business Services

Assistance with building products approvals and commercialization

Concept ideation & design review

Design Services

Early-Stage Business Development

Fabrication, Prototyping and Installation Services

Field trials/Simulation

IP Protection facilitation

Marketing Advisory Services referrals

Performance Monitoring and Management

Project management

Proof of concept

Rapid prototyping / 3D printing

Scientific and technological monitoring

Scientific report writing

Technology & workflow consultation

Technology development

Business development & market research services

Competitive assessments

Competitive market analysis

Components/parts fabrication

Construction Consultation Services

Customized machining (including laser machining)

Literature reviews

Market analysis

Performance Monitoring and Management

Problem solving

Product testing

Sample analysis & testing

Technology evaluation / validation

Testing Services

Whole wall testing – thermal, moisture, structural


Applied Research and Development

Concept validation

Cost avoidance

Laboratory/pilot scale prototyping

Performance monitoring and analysis

Product Design & Development

Product Re-design & Improvement

Report preparation on R&D results

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning

Composite part manufacturing

Manufacturing process design and development

Performance monitoring and analysis

Process optimization

Provincial and federal grant proposal development

Technology validation and transfer



Design, development, and delivery of customized training

Interactive Workshop Sessions

Train the trainer

Building envelope modelling training

Connections to co-op placement opportunities


Technology Diffusion

Customized technology demonstrations

Networking events

Open houses – Testing facility & personnel

Presentation of results at conferences

Publishing in Peer Reviewed Literature

Evening speaker series

Field site product demonstration

Industry-specific events & symposia

Participation at trade shows & other venues with or on behalf of partners

Seminars and Workshops


Inventory of Specialized Equipment

  • ASTM Structural Compression & Racking Jig
  • Floor, Column and Beam Testing Jig
  • Cold Climate Mechanical System Test Stations
  • Hygrothermal, Guarded Hot Box Test Station
  • Hygrothermal, Insitu Advanced wall testing stations
  • Rain/ Hail lifecycle Damage testing
  • Solar Thermal, High pressure solar & Seasonal heating and cooling storage
  • Biofiltration, Living Wall, Green roof, Solar Aquatic and constructed wetland testing
  • Photovoltaic Design, Installation and Testing Roof
  • Solar Electric Vehicle charge and dissipation test port
  • Energy Management, Monitoring and Building Information Management controls
  • Net Zero energy high performance commercial lab
  • Net Zero water application and treatment lab
  • High performance wall assembly training bay
  • Modular assembly construction and lifting equipment