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Do You Have an Innovative Idea?
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Tech-Access Canada’s Interactive Visits Program provides eligible clients of NRC-IRAP with up to 20 hours of access to the equipment, facilities, and expertise of a TAC to solve a business or technical challenge.

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TACs make the R&D process easy and efficient for entrepreneurs and innovators to navigate. Most applied research projects are completed in 6-12 months. Team members understand confidentiality and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure that businesses retain all of their trade secrets and intellectual property.

Initial Meeting

Open a project file, discuss your innovation challenge at a high level. What has your firm done to address the issue already? Decide whether to proceed further.

Project identification

Scope a project plan, discuss timelines, concerns, limitations. Is there a valid technical challenge? Is there an innovative solution? Is the TAC best situated to help solve the challenge?

Feasibility Study

Assess the project’s technical and financial feasibility, and the alignment with TAC capabilities and capacity.

Statement Of Work

Document from the TAC that outlines collaborative obligations, human and physical resource requirements, timelines, project costs, and the Intellectual Property policy.


TAC takes a cash deposit to start the project. If not a straight fee-for-service engagement, identify potential sources of funding leverage. Draft applications, submit, and follow-up on decisions.

Start of Project

Finalize the applied research project plan and allocate internal TAC human and physical resources to the project. Engage external human and physical resources if necessary.


Execute the applied research project plan, multiple follow-up meetings with firm, analyze preliminary results, report back to client. Revise as needed.


TAC delivers final report and deliverables to firm. TAC provides after sale service and support, and settles final invoice and payment with client.

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