Yuly Antolinez

Project Manager

Tel : (438) 988-3878
Phone : yantolinez@tech-access.ca

As Financial Administrator, Yuly is responsible for overseeing all financial operations of Tech-Access Canada while aligning them with the core objectives. She provides a clear financial roadmap to achieve the goals using data-driven strategies, accounting principles, and strong business acumen. She also manages budgets that reflect the strategic priorities and allows Tech-Access Canada to invest in R&D projects, as well as support the valuable work of the TAC network.
Yuly has over 15 years of experience in finance, customer service strategy and business development fields. Before joining the nonprofit sector she worked for different industries such as banking, construction and gaming, companies located in Canada, Australia and Colombia. She utilizes her problem-solving skills and attention to detail to ensure that projects stay on track. Yuly holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the La Salle University of Colombia.

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